Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 4 - Dalat

Dad had a early start this morning. Up at 6.00 am and away by 7.00 ... so I doubt there was time for an early morning swim in that posh hotel !

Today they've had four hours on the bus and cycled around 80 km and a bit of a hilly ride. They stopped off for lunch at Di Linh .

They are now in Dalat  which is 1500 metres above sea level! I wonder if they had to cycle up to it or the bus took them. Reading up about Dalat it looks it might be a bit cooler which will suit Dad. The area is well known from it's flowers and confectionery - sounds like a girls dream. 

Tonight Dad is staying in Dalat du Parc Hotel which according to Dad isn't as posh as the last hotel. It looks pretty posh to me !

Received another photo of Dad today this time from Damien. Looks like Dad is admiring the view and what a great view !

Today's itinerary from Exodus.

Day 4 (Day 5 Ex London) Cycle to Dalat

We cycle towards Dalat; the route is undulating with occasional
climbs. Along the Way we pass coffee and tea plantations as well
as flower gardens and pine forests as we reach higher altitude. We
rejoin the bus before the road climbs steeply to the mountain town
of Dalat. We spend approx 3.5 hours on the bus today. Dalat is a
pleasant hill station, formerly known as Le Petit Parisl and has been
described as the most beautiful town in Vietnam. lt was favoured by
the French for its climate` and is now a popular honeymoon resort for the Vietnamese. Ride approx. 60 km.

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