Saturday, February 23, 2013

and so the journey begins ...

I dropped Dad off at Hanley bus station in the small hours of this morning. I had thought there would been more people (when I say people I mean drunken idiots) about at that time on a Saturday morning but there were just two other people waiting for the bus. I hung around with Dad until the coach came, waved him off and then I hurried back home to get in bed.

The coach was due in Birmingham at 2.40 and then he'd got a couple of hours wait until his next bus at 5.00. However there was a bus to Heathrow at 3.00 am. Dad asked if he could hop on that - no problem. It was a brand new coach with just four people on it, so Dad had virtually the pick of the seats!  He arrived in Heathrow around 5.00 but this coach was dropping off at Central rather than terminal 4. Dad found the free shuttle bus and made his way to terminal 4. He'd still got a few hours to kill but at least he was at the airport.

Breakfast and the papers killed an a hour or so. Fully monty and coffee £15.00 !!!! Dad is used to paying a fiver at Audlem bikers cafe, so I bet them came as a shock when he had to dig out another £10. He did say next time he'd nip Audlem for breakfast before he left.

His bag has gone through and he'd got himself a coffee. Dad is not used to these "fancy" coffee places with a choice of coffee and ended up with an Expresso, so had to re-order to get a decent cup of coffee.

When I spoke to him at 9.00 am he was just waiting for the gate to open.  Flight is due to leave at 10.50, so hopefully I'll be able to track that later so I'll know he's arrived in Vietnam.

Edited at 11.30 am ... I checked the status of the flight and it says "airborne" so he's definitely on his way now.

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  1. I don't imagine brekkie in Vietnam will be £15 either. Mind you it probably won't be a "full monty" either!