Sunday, February 24, 2013

He's arrived !

Got a text off Dad this morning at 6.00 am - thankfully phone was downstairs so it didn't wake me ! He's arrived after a 12 hour journey (or as Dad text "jerny"). He did manage to get some sleep on the way though. Dad has got his luggage but some in the party haven't but apparently that not unusual ! I wonder if Dad will be dishing out his smalls :)

They are staying in a hotel called Huong Sen in Ho Chi Minh City (or Siagon) which Dad says is great. Just looked it up on Trip Advisor and it looks pretty decent. He was off for a kip now.

Hopefully get and update later but this trip we are limited to texts only and Dad is the SLOWEST texter EVER ! It's good to know his Asda mobile works though. Hotel has free internet but Dad's basic phone doesn't have the capability. It would have been cheaper though.

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