Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lake District

Dad is off on his travels again ! He's off to the Lake District for the week. Not a great start ... wet, misty and damp were the words he used!

They had a good journey up having lunch at Windermere and a cuppa at Ravensglass and got to the cottage just after 4.00 pm (earliest they could gain access was 4.00).

They are staying in a cottage at Santon Bridge, Eskdale and some how Dad has managed to swing it so he's got the biggest bedroom and the double bed ! Hope he doesn't get used to the "luxury" ....  he's used to sleeping on a mat in his tent.  Only place with a phone signal is the attic bedroom.  Tonight they are off the pub for a late birthday meal, any excuse for a pub meal !

Tomorrow they are staying low level to do some walking as the forecast is not good but forecast should be improving come Tuesday.

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