Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lake District Day 4

Just spoken to Dad. Weather hasn't been brill today again but they managed to get a low level walk in around Gosforth. They didn't set out until 10.30 and had to have lunch sheltering from the rain but at least they got a walk in. They'd finished walking by about 4.00 pm.

Whilst out walking Dad found a very wet wallet, with cash, driving licence, cards, etc in.  It was a local address and when they'd finished walking Dad went off in the car in search of the owner. He asked at the Post Office and Campsite if anyone knew the address. Eventually he found someone to give him directions and headed off to find what Dad described as "the most remotest house ever" !  Luckily there was someone in and Dad reunited the son with his wallet. Apparently he had lost it some time ago whilst out on his mountain bike but he actually thought he'd lost it in the house so hadn't applied for a new driving licence. The lad gave Dad £15 for returning the wallet  - nice gesture. The money is currently drying on the heater in Dad's room and he is planning on going down the pub with it later !

Dad's friend Bob has arrived and is currently camping down by the pub ... so that's another excuse for Dad to nip out to see him !


  1. Great of your Dad to go out of his way to reunite the wallet with its owner and a nice gesture by the lad. Hopefully it'll pay for a couple of pints and some pub grub!

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