Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lake District Day 5

Spoke to Dad earlier. Yet more rain!  Apparently overnight it had "lashed" it down and there was some localised flooding!  Thankfully Dad's friend Bob who was camping down at the pub had pitched his tent on higher ground and stayed dry overnight ... the kids out doing Duke of Edinburgh Award hadn't faired so well ! Lesson to be learnt there I think.

A late start this morning while they waited for the rain ease. When it eventually did stop raining about 10.30 am they headed off for a coastal walk. They walked from St Bees to Whitehaven and then headed back on a slightly inland route.

Dad's turn in the kitchen tonight. He did chicken curry (from a tin) and rice. They ought to be thankfully he didn't buy a tin of Butcher's Choice, thinking it was curry, like he did when he was cycling round the coast ! Pudding was peaches and rice pudding. When I asked if he'd made the rice pudding, he said "yeah, I opened the tin" ! Food must have been good, or they were starving, as they cleared their plates.

No nipping off the pub tonight ...

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  1. Nowt wrong with food from a tin.... well, once in a while, anyway! Probably the best bet if the rest of the party was to survive the experience. :)