Friday, August 26, 2011

The bike is out again

Well Dad has gone off on the bike for the weekend and the rain has made an appearance. He's camping at Delamere Forest. He managed to get the tent up and then, in Dad's words "it hammered it down". It rained that much that outside the tent had flooded ... so I suppose the tent was more like a boat !  When I spoke to Dad the tent hadn't rained in but there is still time !

The ride over to Delamere had been mainly rain free ... with about a half hour when the rain gear had to come out.

Camp site is quite busy, but I suppose that's because it's Bank Holiday weekend. Got a good spot up by a hedge, so if wind picks up tonight they will have some protection. Highlight of the evening was the Fish & Chip van and the pub is a bit too far to walk.

Tomorrow he is off to the Eureka Cafe ... well he is if he can find it again !

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