Wednesday, September 14, 2011

He does come back ...

My Dad is like a boomerang ... I post he's off on his travels and then forget to post when he's back. Anyway he does come back !

Delemere Forest was a bit wet. In fact one night the tent resembled an Ark as it was surrounded my water ! It wasn't raining in from the top but lapping up over the door ! Anyway after a bit of drying out the following day they were fine.

Dad went off in search of and eventually found the Eureka Cafe - or as he likes to call it Ikea!  I was starting to get worried when he said he'd had breakfast in Ikea as I had visions of him cycling along the M62. It wouldn't be the first time he'd got escorted off the motorway.

He also found a boat museum which he thought was on Manchester ship canal. It was in fact the Shropshire Union canal!

It wasn't the driest of weekends ... but what did he expect for a Bank Holiday weekend !

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