Sunday, June 19, 2011

Still in Scotland

Spoke to Dad earlier ... well it is father's day ! He's had a good time at Dundonnel. He even had chance to go up An Teallach  which at 3,400ft is quite a climb! Weather has been mixed while they been at Dundonnel.

He is now staying with Bill again at Cuil Bay Duror. He's been there a couple of days. They had a trip part way up Ben Nevis in the gondala and watched the downhill mountain bikers. They can get down from the gondala station to the bottom in four minutes ! Dad says it's like they are flying down the mountain. Rather them than me !

Today he has been for a walk along the Cuil Bay this morning and this afternoon Dad has helped Bill in the garden. Dad is no gardener and cannot distinguish a plant from a weed so had to be given lessons on what to cut and what not to cut!

Tomorrow they are off to Glen Etive.

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