Monday, June 6, 2011

Mike Carter - One Man and his Bike

Well Dad's fathers day present arrived today ... Mike Carter's book One Man and his Bike. Mike cycled in the opposite direction to Dad around the coast of Britain. Dad met up with Mike twice. Just flicking through the book and I notice as well as Dad I get a mention. The only time I see Kendal in print is in a road atlas ! So I've had to order another copy!

Anyone interested in the book - Amazon are selling it for £6.95 at the moment.

Looking forward to reading it.

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  1. Just finished it - and have to admit I welled up towards the end. Loved it from the begining to the end.

    Best wishes to Jack and if he's ever in the Outer Hebrides tell him he's got a free bed at My Cicerone guide 'Cycling in the Hebrides' comes out next year.