Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some Stats from cycling around Ireland ...

Well Dad is back home and he has done a note of some stats ..

He camped 8 times and had B&B/hostels 30 times (no wonder he got rid of the tent).
Most expensive B&B 40 Euros, cheapest hostel 12 Euros
Best deal 3 star hotel £40 for dinner, bed and breakfast.
Average hostel price 16 Euro
Average B&B 30 Euro

Miles covered ... no idea !

Bacon butties 27
Guinness drunk - he lost count after the 10th pint !
Weight lost 51b (surprising with all those Guinness !)

He had 11 wet days and 27 dry days.

Amount spent on top-ups for the mobile at least £60.


  1. For more accurate stats, why not get him a GPS logger like a photo geotagger before his next trip, that will record all kinds of ride stats :-)

  2. David ... he struggles using the mobile phone never mind a GPS logger ! He hasn't yet progressed to a mobile with a camera and still uses disposable ones !