Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 37 - Dublin

Well Dad has gone full circle and is now back in Dublin and he's made it back for his birthday ! He's had a good day on the bike, weather has been good. A bit chilly first thing but it warmed up later. Dad has clean biking gear on today ... well it is his birthday !  Tonight he is in the Croke Park View Guest House which is en-route for his ferry tomorrow.

Last night he went out for a three course meal (celebrating his birthday early). He had a nice meal of garlic mushrooms, seafood platter and a fruit cocktail finished off with a Guinness.

This morning he was on the road by 9.00 and his route took him through Castlebellingham, Annagasson and into Clogherhead where he stopped for a coffee and a scone. He then picked up the coastal road through Mornington and Laytown where he came inland to Julianstown. It was then into Gormanstown where Dad stopped for lunch in the oldest pub in Ireland which was granted it's licence in 1390 - the Cock Tavern. Following lunch it was onto Ballbriggan, Swords and then Dad cycled on the old route into Dublin, which was busy but Dad cycled in the bus lane !

Tonight he is off out for his birthday tea.  He is hoping to catch the 8.45 ferry tomorrow morning and then it's a train back to Crewe and then a cycle home! Must remember he hasn't got any keys to get back in his house (after his wallet got nicked!).

Edited to say ... just got a text off  Dad. He's walked O'Connell Street end to end. Been in Debenhams for his tea and is now on the hunt for a pint of Guinness ! That shouldn't be hard in Dublin :)


  1. I bet he wasn't lurking up and down O'Connell St with a bottle of water and a tube of Alka Seltzer a la Mr Lloyd.

    Glad he's had a good day and well done again sir. Congratulations.

  2. Happy birthday Jack, and well done for cycling around Ireland, I have followed this blog since you left Crewe. Well done.

    many regards
    your godson

  3. Thanks Kendal for all the updates like I have said your blogs would make a great book. A very happy birthday to Jack and safe journey home, we will miss reading of his adventures
    Love Robert and Carole

  4. Happy Birthday Jack. Hope you enjoyed your trip - we certainly enjoyed Kendie's updates and will miss the 'Daily Post'.