Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 38 - Home

Well Dad had found a very reasonably priced B&B for tonight .... he's back home ! Not sure the breakfast will be quite upto his "usual" standard as the cupboards are a bit bare ... but the bed will be comfy !

This morning he headed off to the Ferryport to catch the 8.45 ferry. At first he got the wrong terminal so headed off to find the one for Irish Ferries. He managed to book a ferry and a train back to Crewe for 40 Euros. He got chatting to a Bernard from Dublin who was interested in what Dad had being doing over the last few weeks.  The crossing was only a couple of hours and then Dad caught the train from Holyhead to Crewe. He had to change in Chester, which wasn't ideal, but in the end it all worked out well and he arrived in Crewe at around 2.30. He found out afterwards that the train was also going to Stoke so he could have stayed on and had a shorter ride home!  Took him awhile to re-assemble all the stuff back on the bike and he headed home via Alsager, Talke crossroads,  Bradwell and back home for about 4.00 ish.  Dad was surprised at how busy the roads were ... well compared to Ireland it must seem busy here.

Not sure what is on the menu tonight ... but I'm sure he'll find something in the freezer !

Dad has had a great trip. The Irish folk weren't quite as hospitable as those across the water but he's enjoyed the craic, the Guinness and of course riding his bike !

I'll post some stats probably tomorrow.

Thanks everyone who has shared his journey. Hope you enjoyed the read !


  1. Chapeau Jack! He managed to get back in to his house then?

  2. I'd have thought a proud daughter might have treated her Dad to a meal out. But what do I know? LoL.

  3. Yeap I left him a key so he could get in!
    Never thought about going out for a meal ... but I did leave him some soup in the freezer

  4. We have really enjoyed following your updates about Jack. Glad he is safe home.just sorry we did not get to meet or see him, but we are in the centre of the North not near the coast at all. Good wishes to him sending love from Carole and Robert

  5. Well done Jack - another journey and another interesting read following you around Ireland.