Friday, June 22, 2012

A Walking Holiday ...

Dad has left the bike at home (well the bike repair shop) and headed off on walking holiday. He kept telling me he was going to Bolivia but as I'd booked him a flight to Munich I knew something was a miss!  Turns out he was heading for Barvaria . Just had a text from him to say he was staying at a place called Oberammergau. I thought it was going to take me some time to find as my Dad's spelling isn't the best, plus he has his own "text speak". Turns out it there is a place called Oberammergau !

I think even managed to find out where they are staying -  here.The plan is to do day walks from the hotel so no heavy back packs to carry on this trip!

I've text Dad and asked if he's found somewhere yet to watch the footie but I wouldn't really want to be an England supporter watching the footie in Germany!

Will update as and when I hear from him.

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