Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dougie Mac Cycle ride 2012

Dad has done the Dougie Mac cycle ride today. Must remember to ask how many times he's done it now. He did the 50 mile route out to Nantwich and back. Just found the route and it says it's 45 mile ! Set off at 9.00 and were back by 2.00, so five hour in total. Had a couple of stops en route and stopped for a chat with me at Wrinehill. Not much of a "challenge" for Dad as he usually does around 45 miles with the Wednesday Wheelers.

It didn't seem as busy this year on the road. I sat and waited for Dad for about half an hour and there were a steady flow of cyclist coming past but it didn't seem as busy as last year. Perhaps they were all either really fast and come through earlier, or were much slower!  There were no entries on the day this year and everyone had to enter online (not everyone has a computer!) so I don't know whether that affected the number of entrants.

At least this year he saw me (last year he went riding past!). He did know I would be there though.

Dad and Cath

Dad with John Dunn - A combined age of 160 and they still have the energy to laugh

Dad and John Dunn

A quick photo with the flag

and then they were off ...

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