Friday, May 1, 2009

Spain March/April 2009

March/April 2009

It's been awhile since I've updated this. Dad has had a couple trips in the UK but earlier this week I dropped him off at Manchester Airport as Dad is off travelling again. This time he is heading off to visit a friend in Spain. He's taken his bike and camping stuff and both of them are heading off on their travels with both bikes loaded.

The route they want to do is from Murcia to Aguilas. From there they will head off to Cabo de Gata which is a Natural Park area - that's more my Dad's sort of place - he's not into beaches! After that they will stop off in Almeria and then on to Granada. I'm not familiar with the area but just been looking on Google Earth.

They've had a bit of rain in Spain but hopefully the weather will stay OK and they can pedal away to their hearts' content.

Will update if and when I hear any more.

3rd April 2009

Just had a phone call from Dad. They are now in Almeria. They have had one night camping and one night in a hotel. Tonight it’s camping again! Not a cheap alternative at 12 Euros (approx £12.00 a night) and that’s on gravel! Thankfully Dad’s friend had the hindsight to take a mallet to hammer in the pegs! Dad said the campsite is “posh” and it has a swimming pool – but it’s closed. That should be a reduction in the fees! Weather is a bit cooler than here (I did tell him several times how nice the weather has been here!).

They have been doing approx 40 miles a day but it is hilly around the coast. Saying that Dad says the downhill bits are good! They will follow the coast around until they get level with Granada and then head inland.

They had just cooked up tea – no doubt noodles were on the menu! He did say after they had been the pub they may have some fish and chips ... well it is a Friday night!

He’ll hopefully call in a few days time.

Til then.

7th April 2009

A quick update. Just had a phone call to say Dad had arrived in Granada. He said it was a bit cool on the decent down into Granada. They camped last night in the mountains and tonight they have the luxury of a bed in Youth Hostel. They will now head back to Murcia but using inland roads this time. I've done a quick google and I think it's around 150 miles and they are doing about 40 miles a day. The plan is to be back in Murcia for Sunday dinner!

14th April 2009

Off to Manchester airport shortly to collect Dad. He left a message on my answering machine on Saturday to say they had finished their cycling and were back in Murcia and off to the local pub to watch Stoke v Newcastle! Weather hasn't been as good as here ... but no doubt now he's back the rain will follow him and it will start raining here! Will update with news of his trip soon.

May 2009

Fallen a bit behind updating this. Dad finished his ride in Spain. They managed to clock up 500 miles. Weather wasn't the best and some days were a bit chilly but they had a great time.

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