Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keeping in touch

Well Dad is now the proud owner of a new mobile phone! It's basically just a phone - no fancy camera, radio, mp3 player. I've set it up for him and left it on the side for him to collect. His first test was to see if he could ring me! He passed the test. He didn't find the number I'd stored in the contact list but he just entered my number and rang it. Well it's a good start!

Test number two is to open and read the text I've just sent him. He is not intending keeping the phone on. For a start he'd never hear it ringing (I have enabled the vibrate though) and he says he doesn't want to be bothered with people phoning him! He'll just switch it on in the evening for an hour so I need a way of leaving messages for him. I thought text would work. I can just leave a message to say "ring me". He'll not even have to scroll down then.

Test number three will be trying not to lose the phone. It's about half the size of the phone he currently he has!

Oh it's all good fun teaching your parents the art of mobile communication.

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  1. It's £50 a night July 28th!! and You are washing up!
    A Serial friend.XXXX