Sunday, June 8, 2014

The lost wallet is back !

Many thanks to CJ and the staff at The Lord Kingsale in Kinsale for returning Dad's wallet.  I remember the night so well when it went missing ...a late night phone call from Dad, some frantic phone calls from me to stop credit cards/debit cards, Dad stopping off at the police station to report it lost/stolen and then he continued his cycle ride around Ireland and we never expected to see it again.

A random email out of the blue saying a wallet had be found behind a couch (so much for spring cleaning !) and a few weeks later the wallet, cash, credit/debit cards, driving licence, and house keys are back home !

Here is the photo The Lord Kingsale posted on their facebook page of the wallet on it's way ...

Returning a customer's wallet, some four years after he had the misfortune of losing it whilst visiting us! I blame those cleaners........ 

Thanks again guys 


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