Sunday, January 5, 2014

A round up of 2013

I haven't been keeping up with the blog ... in fact my Dad has even started nagging me about it, I know, Dad nagging me!  So thought I'd give you a round up of 2013.

23rd February - 23rd March. Dad had a month in Vietnam. I did blog about that and the trip started here.

He then had a coach holiday to Scotland with the LDWA in April. Again I managed to blog about that here.
Towards the end of April he had a week camping at Ashburton in Devon at the check point for the LDWA 100 mile walk. This was followed by a week camping on Dartmoor.

In late August/September he had a couple of weeks away with the Hanliensian Ramblers. First week they stayed at Al Pigher near Selva in the Dolomites. The second week they stayed at Ischg in Austria in the Jagerhof hotel. They did some walking, sightseeing and a bit of cycling.

Late September Dad had another trip with the LDWA camping in St Davids, South Wales.  October he headed up to the Newlands Valley in the Lake District for a week .... luxury this time as they rented a cottage!

During September Dad has, in his words, "gone off the pace" both on the bike and walking up the hills. It turns out he has had some issues with his heart, or as Dad puts it he's "got a dicky ticker" !  He's had many tests at the Drs and at the hospital. He's been wired up, they've x-rayed, photographed, scanned and monitored. He's back seeing the specialist at the end of the month when hopefully they'll come up with some solutions but until then his waistline is expanding, he's getting restless and he's even thinking of walking with me at my pace !!

So for the start of 2014 not much planned yet. Hopefully that'll change over the next few months.


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