Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dougie Mac cycle ride

Dad took part in the Dougie Mac cycle ride today. He was on the 50 mile to Nantwich. He managed to get off by 9.30 ... it took an hour to "check-in". A bit of a blustery day out on the road but the rain that threatened most held off.

I headed out to met him on the way back. However Dad had given me duff instructions as to which road they were heading down so I decided to wait at the drink station in Wrinehill - at around the 38 mile point. I text Dad to tell him I would be there.

I had around half an hour wait, chatting to the cyclists as they stopped off for a drink. I then spotted Dad heading down the road.

I gave him a shout and he waved at me. Shouted again and that's when he noticed me, so he pulled in for a drink.

Had a quick chat, a drink and he had his photo taken.

and then he was back on the road again.

 He was back at Michelin by 1.30 pm. It had taken him 4 hours with a 15 minute puncture repair.

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