Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cuba trip

Well at least now I know what Cuba looks like ! Dad has been and purchased two maps so at least now I can look at where he's planning on going but first he's got to get to Gatwick. It's proving a bit tricky. Parking for a month is extortionate at Gatwick, train is out of the question as he'll have his bike boxed up. National Express will only take the bike "if there is room" which isn't much use because what will happen if there isn't any room ! A friend recommended and we have found somewhere close to Gatwick. Also looking at option of taking the shuttle down from Manchester, or finding a willing driver to ferry Dad there and back so there are a few alternatives to look at.

Next problem is his mobile. Dad's basic Nokia is a dual band and he needs a tri-band for Cuba. So now we are on the look out for a cheap and simple to use tri-band phone !

Now he'd have none of these problems if he cycled around Britain again !

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