Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The dreaded phone call ...

Well the training hasn't gone quite to plan as I got a phone call last Wednesday evening from Dad .... "can you come pick me up I'm outside A&E, I've come off my bike" ! Thankfully nothing too serious but when I went to pick him up Dad was standing outside A&E with the back of hand stitched up and arm in a sling ! When he came off his bike there was a paramedic in one of the houses close by. He came and checked Dad over and he rang for an ambulance. A couple of x-rays revealed nothing broken. God job Dad was wearing his helmet as his head and shoulder took the impact of the fall. He'd been wiped out from behind by one his fellow riders.

Dad had to wait til the Thursday evening to get his bike back and again nothing too serious done - a few more scratches and he just had to straighten out his map rack!

Sling was off by Thursday. Shoulder a bit stiff but it didn't take him long to get back on the bike ... he went for a "test" ride up and down his road on Friday.

He is back out riding tomorrow with the Wednesday Wheelers.

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